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I’m a vivacious, high-energy coach who helps powerful, creative women build a sustainable coaching business through smart work, hard work, and FUN work.

I live in a world where women feel comfortable in their own skin and soar in their personal and professional lives. This can be your world, too. Now is the time. You already have everything you need in order to make change. I will work with you to bring your personal and professional vision to life.

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Chariti Gent - Free Guide to help Coaches Price Their Services

FREE Guide on Pricing Reveals…

My favorite (and most successful) pricing strategy that gets potential clients to say YES! I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU! In this quick and easy guide, you’ll learn my strategies for:
  • How to determine (and charge) your worth.
  • How to utilize stair-steps, sales, and sliding scales.
  • How to beat the “pricing demon” — for good.
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Are you ready to be Empowered? If you're serious about building a sustainable coaching business through smart work, hard work, and fun work, let's talk.

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Classes & Courses

Are you ready to be Motivated? Looking for a fun, affordable, and valuable learning experience? I’ve got you covered: self-paced E-courses, live classes, and webinars, oh my!

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Speaking & Events

Are you ready to be Inspired? I specialize in providing high-energy, interactive, content-rich keynote presentations designed to appeal to a wide variety of audiences and learning styles.

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